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Our Satisfied Clients

This page is dedicated to some of our satisfied customers.

If you have a photo of your pet enjoying one of our products, please e-mail it to us with the pet's name, your name (if you want it on the site) and we'll be happy to post it.

By the way, did you know we have our own YouTube Channel? It has videos ranging from how to assemble our beds to our Small Business Friday video contribution.

Warning: Some of the images are very large and the page may take some time to load.

Max with his birthday present - a brand new raincoat with tartan trim, just ready for the Cape Town rain!
Max's new raincoat
Flaafie got her very own Ramon Snuddle Bed for Christmas and after testing it a bit, she got comfortable:
Ruffy with his Dog & Cat Pad Rascal Bed and matching Cushion (and he doesn't mind sharing, either):
Ruffy Ruffy Sharing
Klaradyn testing the first sample Snuddle Bed:
Paige's very own Dog & Cat Pad Papegeno Bed:
[widgetic-photo-overlay id=5988666aecb2a1db3a8b456c autoscale=off width=225 height=224 resize=fixed]  
Max also got his own Dog & Cat Pad Papegeno Bed with a custom cushion:
[widgetic-photo-overlay id=598860caecb2a136388b456a autoscale=off width=225 height=225 resize=fixed]
Alice and Peter sharing their Schatzi bed complete with the cushion grandpa won at WODAC (made from Dog & Cat Pad's own fabric range - ANGELS AT PLAY:
[widgetic-photo-overlay id=59886818ecb2a10b3c8b456d autoscale=off width=225 height=225 resize=fixed]   [widgetic-photo-overlay id=598868d5ecb2a1e93c8b456b autoscale=off width=225 height=225 resize=fixed]
Bella, a rescued PitBull had a chance to test one of Dog & Cat Pad's Vincent Beds during WODAC (she did not mind sharing at all...):
[widgetic-photo-overlay id=59886a9aecb2a1ac3d8b456d autoscale=off width=225 height=225 resize=fixed]
These two lucky Yorkies got a Schatzi Bed at WODAC (unfortunately there was only one left, so they have to share):
[widgetic-photo-overlay id=59886ba5ecb2a16f3e8b4569 autoscale=off width=225 height=225 resize=fixed]


A collection of other happy pets enjoying our beds and cushions:



For more information on Ted, please visit the MediPet SA Web site and their facebook page.

Proud Hounds Doggie Daycare is our official testing centre where an expert panel of canine testers put our products through their paces. Only once they give Kristin can der Hoven, owner of Proud Hounds, the nod, do we release the product to the public.

Proud HoundsProud HoundsProud Hounds

Proud Doggie Daycare can be found on the Web and via e-mail.